Find events quicker with our calendar update


June 2, 2016 by Jennifer Ghidinelli


Last week we rolled out a refresh to our national events calendar making it even easier to find events. We see a lot of emails and social media announcements from organizations telling their attendees to go "register for the event on MotorsportReg" without providing the event-specific link.

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Feature Updates - Photo/File Uploads, Email Attachments & Updated Design


October 13, 2015 by Brian Ghidinelli


Today we are releasing four major updates that have me super excited. You might remember back in August when we gave you a sneak peak to a major change to the look and feel of MotorsportReg. It's here today, along with much more.

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Our Blog Gets a Tune Up


August 14, 2013 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

Welcome to our new home! 


After 195 blog posts dating all the way back to February 2006, we thought it was time for a little update.  So we pulled out our Q-tips and went to work.  We're looking for high marks from the judges.  So take a little look around and let us know what you think! 

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