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May 13, 2021 by Brent Whitten

MotorsportReg Premium Integration 

Within the Text and Copy section of your Event Settings, you’ll find a new option to “Enable SpeedWaiver” for your event within the registration flow. By enabling this option, your attendees will automatically be sent the link to your event waiver once they complete their registration, and the waiver will be linked to the attendee’s registration in MSR.  

We’ve also added the ability to collect email addresses within the SpeedWaiver flow. This is a great way to add guests or event day walkup attendees to your email lists. Should you want to activate this option to grow your email list, let our team know and we’ll enable it on your account.  

Our integration with 3rd parties has been enhanced. SpeedWaiver has a full API if you'd like to trigger waivers to be sent or be notified when waivers are signed via Webhooks. This is useful for keeping your third-party system in sync and provides tremendous flexibility.  


Other quick updates 

For those of you not utilizing a premium MSR plan, you can now edit your SpeedWaiver event name within your calendar plan event settings. Previously, these titles were automatically generated based on the name and dates of your event.  

And finally, for those events which may not require a waiver, such as a virtual gathering, you may now disable SpeedWaiver on a per event basis by utilizing the enable/disable feature mentioned above.  


What’s Next? Better integration within the check-in experience. 

We’ve heard several requests from customers wanting the ability to preview their event waivers during their event set-up. This enhancement is in process and will be available soon. 

Many organizations have begun posting QR codes at check-in, allowing those who have not pre-signed their SpeedWaiver to quickly scan and sign on site. We're expanding QR code functionality to make it easier to download or print codes, drop them into your own completely customizable design, and attach a custom tracking code.  

We're hard at work with further SpeedWaiver and MSR integrations aimed at providing you and your attendees with a smoother event check-in experience.  

Last but not least, with the free SpeedWaiver period coming to a close at the end of May we’ve updated all pricing tiers. We’re excited to roll this out shortly and hope that the simplified tiers and reduced fees continue to help your organization take advantage of the easeconvenience, and security of the e-waiver process within MSR. 

Already using SpeedWaiver? Check out these new features in MotorsportReg. Not signed up yet? Go to www.speedwaiver.com or send us a note at info@speedwaiver.com. As a reminder, all SpeedWaiver fees are waived through 5/31/2021 to help promote safe, efficient, and contact free motorsport events. 

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