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June 30, 2022 by Ryan Cunningham

The team has been working on adding a variety of new features (and eliminating bugs) in a number of ongoing projects. Here’s a brief look at what we’ve accomplished since last August: 

Overhauled: The Attendee List

This update addressed a large issue on one of our most regularly-visited pages: the Attendee list. With mobile usage increasing, we learned that the previous design was difficult to use on smaller screens. We’ve responded by swapping out the engine powering the screen, which helps it load faster on older devices and slower mobile networks.

New Feature: Remind me to Register

This new feature allows attendees to save events to sign up for later if they are not ready to finish their registration. “Remind me to Register” has resulted in hundreds of attendees using it to save events and has accounted for approximately 1,700 registrations and an additional $328k in incremental fees collected by our organizers!

New Option: Hide System Vehicle Questions

We’ve added a “System Vehicle Questions” section, and Admins can now determine whether to show or hide these questions for the entire organization. This option allows organizers to remove unnecessary questions for their attendees, providing a more focused registration experience.

Smaller enhancements and bug fixes:

  • When selecting a profile to edit in the previous participant drop-down, you could previously only edit the main profile on that account. Now, we’ve allowed admin users to edit the main profile and any related profile sub-accounts across the organization.
  • Previously, questions were validated even when nested under another question that an attendee has selected “no” to. Since this was causing some confusion, we’ve remedied it to give attendees a smoother registration process by no longer validating those questions.
  • Customers using the membership and license feature were receiving occasional but confusing errors about start and end dates. Those dates would appear differently in the People Tab and in the Attendee Profile; we’ve made sure this no longer occurs.
  • We’ve addressed an issue where some data was being removed from forms for certain events (post-registration editing and form visibility on dates or credentials). Previously, it was possible for data to be lost from the first registration when removed from the form.
  • As endurance events continue to grow in popularity, we have added a new “Endurance Racing” event type in MSR.

Coming down the road…

The team’s current focus is on removing friction during the registration flow. We are continuing to streamline the login process for attendees while they are trying to register. The team is also working to implement the same design and process for logging in across the site. This work gets us closer to allowing attendees to use their Hagerty and Facebook profiles for logging in in the future.

In the coming months, we are also looking to build additional reporting capabilities for our organizers, which will help analyze past events, as well as organize and plan future events.

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