2,000,000 Motorsport Registrations 🎉


December 27, 2018 by Chris Redrich

To all the organizations who trust MotorsportReg, you just hit a major milestone years in the making: we processed your 2 millionth event registration! This milestone is no small feat. Two million participants have lived out their passion for motorsport through an event that you've organized. We congratulate you on your contribution to the sport and for creating a place for all of us to get our adrenaline fix and create lifelong friendships.

What's next? Together we’re partnering on a mission to accelerate the growth of the motorsport events community. Leveraging our tools, you've registered record numbers of people for motorsport events this year. Six highlights worth sharing:

  1. Your events reached more than 1,000,000 web visitors on the MotorsportReg calendar and 1,300,000 inboxes via our monthly "Upcoming Events" emails.
  2. You brought back 10% more people to your registration form using our abandoned registration emails that detect when someone leaves the registration form.
  3. You filled over $100,000 of unsold seats using our Last Minute Track Junkies list, growing your contact list and keeping your events financially in the black.
  4. You added 115,000 new names when people opt-in to your contact database before they view your registration forms.
  5. You sent your members and customers 5,000,000 emails keeping them up to date and encouraging them to register for your events. Five million touch points!
  6. All combined, our tools with your passion have increased average participation! The number of events attended per person per year has grown annually by 2.6%. Each of your average participants are attending 13% more of your events today than 5 years ago.

These are just a few of the ways that we support you in your mission to grow the motorsport events community. Our team is constantly finding new ways to automate tasks, reduce errors, and increase participation in your events. These tenets are at the core of every new feature we deliver and we're excited to see what you accomplish next! 


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We reached 1.5 MILLION registrations!


May 24, 2017 by Jennifer Ghidinelli


Back on April 24th Jonathan Guzzo signed up for an autocross with the Golden Gate Chapter of the BMW CCA and became our 1.5 millionth registration! Very proud moment for all of us here at MotorsportReg and fitting that it came from our very first customer way back in 2002- the Golden Gate Chapter. 

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We just passed 1 MILLION registrations!


August 12, 2015 by Jennifer Ghidinelli


Pass me the champagne! This is like winning LeMans, the Indy 500, the Monaco Grand Prix and Daytona 500!

Okay maybe that's getting a little carried away, but we are super excited over here.

We started out with 1 registration for one driving school. Now we've got 222,831 driver school registrations under our belt plus 777,169 more for everything from club races to karting and motorcycle schools to rallies.

It takes a lot of clubs, a lot of events, a lot of organizers and a TON of participants to hit that number and we thank each and every one of you 1 million times over. 

Below is the press release we issued this morning announcing our major milestone. Now on to the next million...

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We prove experts wrong about declining car culture


January 28, 2015 by Brian Ghidinelli

Record-breaking year sees 207,000 registrations; growing interest in motorsports

hpdeThe reports on the death of car culture have been greatly exaggerated.  Contrary to studies showing a declining interest in driving, MotorsportReg.com has logged a record 2014, registering more events per participant and setting a new highwater mark of 207,000 amateur motorsport participants, an increase of 15.3% over the prior year.

“While headlines cover struggling spectator events and fewer licensed teen drivers, participatory motorsport events are growing. We’ve seen a 15.3% year-over-year increase in total participants and a steady increase in the number of events each person attends annually,” explained Founder Brian Ghidinelli. “When it comes to getting off the couch and starting the engine, more people are doing it and they’re doing it more often. Amateur motorsport as a whole is not only alive but thriving.”

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