Payments 3.0: More frequent & flexible + better refunds


January 6, 2016 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

This year has been chock-full of new features and upgrades! Photo uploads, email attachments, and season registration. Custom vehicle fields, email blaster for multiple events, and enhancements to our REST API, just to name a few.

But the next upgrade we're releasing is the big Kahuna! We've been working on this for over a year now. With several months of successful live testing, we are finally ready to announce-


Everything will still look the same to you and your attendees, but event organizers are going to love these new benefits:

  • Flexible deposit schedule- you choose when to receive your deposits: daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Anytime refunds- process refunds at anytime. No need to worry if you have money in the "kitty." Refunds will come straight from your bank account.
  • Reimbursed fees on refunds- there's no charge on the refund (same as today) and now the bank will return the fee on the original transaction, just like a void.
  • Better reporting- comprehensive per-deposit reporting that lists all transactions by event with sub-totals in a single report to the delight of treasurers everywhere.

If you're on the Premium Plan, log into and you'll automatically be prompted to upgrade.

If you're on the Standard Plan and want to upgrade for your 2016 season, contact us and we'll get you started.

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