Pain Pills for Your Payment Processing Headaches


November 26, 2013 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

Headache Pills

Our goal here at is to help you "organize AWESOME events." If you've had a chance to look at our new website, you'll notice that we highlight our motorsport-specific tools that automate tasks, improve accuracy and grow participation.

One area that we've tried to make as easy as possible for our organizers is payment processing. If you deal with banks and merchant accounts, you know that it can be migraine-inducing!   At MSR we provide you with the relief you need.  We offer attendees an easy way to pay and we deal with the banks.  Below are our most effective pain pills.

Reserve Now, Pay Later

The concept of collecting an attendee's credit card information and charging them at a later date is referred to as deferred payment processing. It's similar to making a hotel reservation.  Organizers who want to save time from processing refunds, encourage early registration and get more visibility into who's attending their events, love this feature.

As an organizer, you decide when to charge the cards. It can be when confirming a registration, after your cancel cutoff date, the day of the event, or the day after the event.  And attendees love this feature because there's no penalty for signing up for an event (especially if they have cash flow concerns). Check out this blog for more details.

No More Refund Checks

Speaking of refunds, processing refunds in MSR is faster and easier than writing checks. We've made it super simple to process a refund back to the original credit card or bank account and it's FREE! Yes, that means totally FREE. You are charged no additional fees to process a refund.

Fixing Declined Credit Cards

We verify credit cards during registration but processing deferred payments typically sees a handful of cards always failing for one reason or another.  Previously organizers had to chase down the cardholder and obtain an updated card number. This process is known as dunning and it's a major headache! Well this past summer we launched a new feature that is getting rave reviews: automated dunning which does the chasing for you to resolve declined payments.

Anytime an account on file is declined, the attendee is automatically added to a queue triggering daily emails asking them to update their credit card information, and the card is reprocessed on the spot.  Based on our data, most of the attendees fix the issue within 24 hours and organizers don't have to lift a finger! Read more about this AWESOME feature in this blog.

You don't need a prescription to get your hands on these drugs, but you do need to be on the Premium Plan.

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