Why Participants LOVE Online Registration


June 5, 2014 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

I_Love_Online_RegBelieve it or not, there are still some organizations out there that don't offer online registration for their events.  As a participant, we can't tell you how annoying this is.  It's a considerable barrier-to-entry for a lot of people.  And rule number one in increasing attendance at your events is to make it as easy as possible for people to get registered.

So for the non-believers out there still using paper forms, we've put together a list of the top 8 reasons why participants love online registration.

1. Only have to enter information once

No one wants to waste their time entering their personal information over and over again.  And if they're required to enter vehicle and class information, that's even more time wasted!  By using an online registration system, your participant creates an account and enters their personal and vehicle information ONCE.

2. Shorter registration lines

Standing in line is another place people don't want to waste their time.  Especially when they'd rather be in their car/ motorcycle/ kart.  By pre-registering, participants save time in the early-morning registration line and get back to doing what they came to do.  And most organizations that take online registration have an express line for people who pre-registered which really cuts down on the wait time. 

3. Can pay online

How many checks do you still write?  According to one study, the number of checks written by consumers is dropping by 1.8 billion each year.  They're expected to completely go away by 2026- that's only 12 years away!  And of course you wouldn't send cash in the mail, but some organizers ask attendees to pay in cash at the event.  How much cash do you carry around?  I currently have $1.53 in my wallet.  Now I have to go to the bank.  Suddenly registering for your event has become an event in itself   

4. They're already on the internet

As of January 2014, 87% of all adults use the internet.  You need more attendees, you go where the attendees are.  And they're on the internet!

5. Saves a trip to the mailbox

Yeah it generally doesn't take a lot of time to walk to the mailbox.  But first you have to find an envelope and then you have to find a stamp.  The way people communicate these days has changed drastically and envelopes and stamps have gone by the wayside.

6. Easily make adjustments to their entry

Things change.  Maybe they want to run two sessions instead of one.  Or they decided to purchase the lunch option, or they're changing the tires they're using, or the co-driver or car number, or run group, or crew member.... The list goes on and on.  Allowing them to update these changes them self saves them from making ump-teen phone calls (and annoying you!).

7. Keeps all of their motorsport event activity in one place

Many motorsport enthusiasts belong to more than one organization.  Using an online registration system (especially MotorsportReg that works with over 600 clubs) allows them to keep all of the information about their passion in one centralized place. Next time they register for a drivers school and need to disclose their previous experience- it's all right there.

8. Can see all of their club's upcoming events in one place

In MotorsportReg a person can belong to one club or 100 clubs.  Every time they log into their account, they see all of the upcoming events for their clubs in one place making it significantly easier to register for those events.  No more visiting 3 different club's websites and downloading 3 different club's PDF registration forms!

So if you think your participants like your paper-based registration process exactly the way it is, think again.

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