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August 13, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

View of a team created by Co-Driver PickerFor the past few weeks we have been quietly testing some enhancements to the registration form. Co-Driver Pickers, while not glamorously named, let attendees indicate when they are sharing a vehicle with another participant so you, as the organizer know about it. Text Blocks, one of the form layout options, let you embed rich text including links and photos anywhere on the registration form for more descriptive text and endless merchandising opportunities.

You can find both of these under the wrench icons at the top of the Form Builder.

Co-Driver Picker

The Co-Driver Picker is all about forming teams. It could be a traditional team, like an endurance race where more than one racer will be driving a car, kart or riding a bike. The team members should be included in the timing and scoring data for MyLaps Orbits and displayed on entry lists. It could also be when two racers will be using the same vehicle in two different classes and the organizer wants to assign the same number for convenience. Or it could be an educational event like a high-performance driving school (HPDE) or Tire Rack Street Survival event where two students are sharing their street car but can't participate simultaneously (at least not comfortably!)

We refer to all of these cases as teams. Once the primary person has registered, the new Co-Driver Picker allows subsequent participants to join the team which is displayed in several sections of the EventMaster 360:

  • Registration screen (in Assignments under "Co-Driver" column)
  • Assignment reports have a new "Co-Driver" column available
  • Attendee and Driver Experience detail reports
  • Label generator

Participants can select their own teammates once a Co-Driver Picker is placed on the registration form and registrars can manually assign a teammate on the attendee screen.

Text Blocks

Screen capture of Text Block in actionOur core registration form components of Questions, Packages and Assigners each allow organizers to provide some help text which is displayed in a lighter color gray text under the related item on the registration form. Unlike these "hint" fields, the new Text Block is a full blown HTML editor (just like you're used to for Text & Waiver) so you can include links, images, bulleted lists, tables and more.
Want to sell more t-shirts as part of your entries online? A great photo of your super cool shirt would probably do better than two sentences telling me it's super cool! Do you think your participants would benefit from additional instructions or clarification around what they're signing up for? Experiment with adding directions like in the image.
Just be careful to preview your form and make sure you don't scare people away with a wall of words or long scrolling page of photos. Remember: the registration form is for getting registered! Brevity and conciseness will be your best friend here.
Unlike the other options for the form, the text block has no form field so it has no value. It should only be used at the bottom of any nesting you might create and should not have any children items on the form layout.

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