Pit Stop- How to Adjust Payment Settings After Registration Opens


June 21, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

pitstopBambi851 copyQ: Can I change payment settings after I’ve opened registration?

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Pit Stop- I Want MY Car Number!


June 6, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

Car Numbers Q: I can’t complete my registration because I can’t get my car number. What should I do?

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Pit Stop- Setting Limits on Items


March 25, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

photo by Bambi851 @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/bambi851/

Q: How do I set a limit on the number of items available?
A: You can set limits in two ways:
  • Per event- ie: the total number of lunches available at the event is 100
  • Per registration- ie: the total number of lunches each person can purchase is 2
To set a per event limit you change the purchase limit at the inventory level. To set a per registration limit you change the purchase limit at the package level.  Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Per Event Limit- Change Inventory Level

We want to limit the total number of lunches we’re selling at the event to 100.  We have already created a package called Lunch and linked the inventory item Lunch to that package.  In order to set the Lunch inventory limit to 100, we do the following:
  1. Select the Lunch package from the parts bin.
  2. Use the Edit tab in the right-hand part of the screen.
  3. Change the quantity of the Lunch inventory item to 100 and click Save.

Per Event Limit

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Pit Stop- Fixed-Answer List Event Questions


March 10, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

photo by Bambi851 @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/bambi851/Q: What type of question should I use on the registration form to get the data I need to make decisions about my event?

A: To make your data collection more fool-proof and increase the likelihood of getting the information you are after, consider using an event question that has a fixed-answer list. This question format has a pick-list of pre-determined responses rather than allowing free-form text answers.

Here's an example: Let's say you are tying to gauge the level of experience a driver has so that you can assign them to the correct run group and determine whether or not they need an instructor. If you simply ask what their driving experience is, you'll get answers that are all over the map because the attendee isn't sure what you're looking for. Their answers might range from "I started driving when I was 12" to "I've done a lot of track days and I autocross regularly".

A more accurate way to capture the decision-making data you need is to set some parameters around the responses you are seeking. In the example above, you might set up a fixed-answer list that looks like this:

How many track days have you participated in during the last 18 months?
  • 0-1 track days
  • 2-5 track days
  • 6-10 track days
  • 11+ track days

These responses will give you quantifiable data in order to assign run groups and instructors. You can find instructions on setting up a question with a fixed-answer list in our help section

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Pit Stop- Assigners


February 19, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

photo by Bambi851 @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/bambi851/Assigners (also known as the little blue car) are a useful tool on any registration form. Due to their flexibility, determining when to use them and what information to collect can be confusing. Not using them correctly can generate phone calls from attendees wondering why their name isn’t appearing on the Attendee List even though they thought they had successfully completed registration.

Q:  Do I need an assigner on my registration form?

a)     Yes
b)     Almost always
c)     If you want to collect entry information like vehicle, like class, group, number
d)     It can’t hurt
e)     All of the above

The answer is e) all of the above. When in doubt, use an assigner.

An Assigner performs an extremely valuable function -– it determines what data to collect about an attendee’s registration. At a minimum, it captures the attendee’s name. For competitive events it can also collect the attendee’s vehicle, number, class, PAX/modifier, group, instructor, as well as indicating which segment the assignment should be put into.

The information collected in the Assigner can then be displayed on the public Attendee List. Many attendee’s check this list as a means of verifying that their registration was successfully completed. So, even if you are holding a social event and don’t need to capture any information about the vehicle they are driving, you will still want to use an Assigner on the registration form so that registrant’s names will display on the Attendee List.

BONUS: If you are running a competitive event and collecting the class, etc., the information collected in the Assigner will also show up on reports and the Assignments Lists.

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Pit Stop- Groups and Branches


February 5, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

photo by Bambi851Beginning today, we’re starting a new regular blog series called MSR Pit Stop.  Based on the questions we see come through customer support, I’ll be sharing with you quick and easy tips and tricks on using our system.   Let’s begin with our first question.
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