Pit Stop- I Want MY Car Number!


August 12, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

Car Numbers Q: I can’t complete my registration because I can’t get my car number. What should I do?

A: Event organizers control the car numbers for their event. If your number is not available during the registration process, complete your registration by selecting a different number, and then contact the event organizer to have your number changed. You can contact the organizer in two ways: by clicking the "Ask the registrar a question" link from your event dashboard or by looking at the event information page from our calendar which includes their contact information.

Q: Why do I have to select a car number when I already entered my preferred numbers with my vehicle information?

A: Car numbers are selected at the time of registration, generally from a drop-down list of available numbers. The numbers you entered in the vehicle profile are for the event organizer's reference should there be a number conflict to resolve.

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