Payments 3.0: More frequent & flexible + better refunds


November 18, 2015 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

This year has been chock-full of new features and upgrades! Photo uploads, email attachments, and season registration. Custom vehicle fields, email blaster for multiple events, and enhancements to our REST API, just to name a few.

But the next upgrade we're releasing is the big Kahuna! We've been working on this for over a year now. With several months of successful live testing, we are finally ready to announce-


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COTA's volunteers use MotorsportReg for this weekends F1 race- you can too


October 21, 2015 by Katie Moosman

Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our events. They join us unpaid and at the crack of dawn all for the love of motorsports and this incredible community we're a part of. Let's give a hats off to these wonderful folks and start making their lives (and yours) a little easier with online registration. 

Many of our organizers have brought their volunteer programs online and joining us this year with several big volunteer events was Circuit of the Americas. They recently wrapped up their first event for the Lone Star LeMans with over 300 volunteers and are getting ready for this weekend's Formula 1 race. To see how you can use to register your volunteers online, check out how we structured their event below.   

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Feature Updates - Photo/File Uploads, Email Attachments & Updated Design


October 13, 2015 by Brian Ghidinelli


Today we are releasing four major updates that have me super excited. You might remember back in August when we gave you a sneak peak to a major change to the look and feel of MotorsportReg. It's here today, along with much more.

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A Resource Library for Organizers and Drivers


September 30, 2015 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

libraryOver the last several years we've produced a little treasure chest of material for organizers to run better events and drivers to improve their skills.

Now you can find those gems plus all of our other tools and education in one place. Introducing our new content libraries:

You'll find all of our templates, e-books and webinars in these libraries and we'll post all of the new content we create to these pages too. It'll be your one-stop shop for all our goodies. Happy learning!

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Need drivers, instructors or workers for your event?


September 16, 2015 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

Let us help!

Back in 2013 we added a few new additions to our email lists and posted this opt-in box in a few places in MotorsportReg.


We're using these lists to directly help our organizers and participants. Over the last year these lists have grown like crazy! And more of our organizers are taking advantage of them and seeing great results.

Last minute track specials- 27,000 subscribers!

This list is specifically for attendees looking for a good deal on track time. It can be used by organizers on our Premium plan offering a last minute discount on open track days or HPDEs. We send it to everyone within 300 miles of the venue and generally reach 3,000 to 4,000 people. Below are some of the actual results after sending out an email blast:

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Feature Updates - August 2015


August 26, 2015 by Brian Ghidinelli

This week I'm near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin - not to attend an event at Road America (drats!) - but rather for our annual team meetup in Lake Geneva. As a fully remote team we find a late summer week to bring the team together, review our progress and refine our plan for the future. It's a chance to replace phone calls and emoji with face-to-face conversations and meals that leaves us energized to keep pushing forward.


Last month I listed a number of improvements for my programmer friends but I'm back with a larger-than-normal list of improvements and fixes to MotorsportReg, including a sneak peek at a major new feature. 

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We just passed 1 MILLION registrations!


August 12, 2015 by Jennifer Ghidinelli


Pass me the champagne! This is like winning LeMans, the Indy 500, the Monaco Grand Prix and Daytona 500!

Okay maybe that's getting a little carried away, but we are super excited over here.

We started out with 1 registration for one driving school. Now we've got 222,831 driver school registrations under our belt plus 777,169 more for everything from club races to karting and motorcycle schools to rallies.

It takes a lot of clubs, a lot of events, a lot of organizers and a TON of participants to hit that number and we thank each and every one of you 1 million times over. 

Below is the press release we issued this morning announcing our major milestone. Now on to the next million...

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MotorsportReg Updates- July 2015


July 30, 2015 by Brian Ghidinelli

computer-at-the-racetrackIn this feature recap, I want to give a shout out to my developer and programmer friends who hack during the week and drive, ride, kart or organize on nights and weekends. This episode is all for you as I'm going to detail a number of open source and API updates as well as a free Wordpress theme just for motorsports.

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Pole Position- Track Junkie's Paul Conquest


July 8, 2015 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

Paul_ConquestAs I prepped this blog I was impressed with the creativity and ingenuity of our featured organizer, Paul Conquest. He just bought a school bus in order to give his drivers more track time, drastically changed his hours to snag new members from other areas of motorsport, and created a unique experience that solved one of the biggest issues in his organization, had his members begging for more, and made money!

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5 Quick and easy promotion ideas


June 24, 2015 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

easy promotion ideasA few weeks ago I worked with one of our new customers, East10Drift, who was looking for some quick and easy promotion ideas. His event was right around the corner and he needed some more registrations. If you're a MotorsportReg customer, we do lots of promotion on your behalf. But that's never going to be enough. The ideas I shared with East10Drift aren't ground breaking and aren't going to flood your events with new attendees- but they're simple, most of the time free, and easily overlooked. 

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