Time to Update Your Administrative Users!


October 3, 2013 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

In our world, Fall means driving seasons are winding down and clubs are changing their management team. (In case you missed it, you can run your club's elections through MSR.)  It's also the perfect time of year to review your administrative users in MotorsportReg.com to verify the right people have the right access.

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The organizer permissions in MotorsportReg allow you to grant or revoke administrative access to the club, as well as provide some intermediate levels of authority to people who should be able to view information but not change or delete it.  We have two types of roles in MSR:

  • Eventmaster- all administrative access including the ability to grant or revoke administrative access to the club
  • Staff- all administrative access not including the ability to grant or revoke administrative access to the club

In each of these roles, you can assign the following permissions:

  • Read- ability to view information
  • Write- ability to change or edit information
  • Delete- ability to delete information 

If you're an Eventmaster, you can see all of your administrative users by looking under the Club Profile menu and then selecting Administrative Users.  Making changes to this list is easy:

  1. Select the edit link at the end the row of the person you need to edit. 
  2. Under the Username & Password box, select edit permissions or reset password.
  3. Update the Roles and Permissions boxes accordingly.
  4. Hit Save.

Your changes are immediate so now you're good to go!

To stay up to date, get into the habit of reviewing this list at least once a year, especially around the time when the personnel in your organization changes.

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