4 More Time Change Reminders


October 30, 2013 by Stacy King

Daylight savings time... it's not just for smoke alarm batteries anymore!Clock

MotorsportReg.com captures a lot of information when you register for an event. For attendees, it allows you to only have to enter that information once and then register for as many events as you like. For organizers, it helps you run a smooth event with all of your attendee data stored in one place.

As you set your clocks back and check those smoke alarm batteries, take a minute to review and update your MotorsportReg information.


Now, more than ever, your login passwords should be unique and secure. If you have a hard time remembering login names and passwords, look into one of the many online password vault programs. We personally use LastPass which is FREE and easy to use. Or you can use tools built into products and services you already use like Apple or Google.

Personal Information

Your address, emergency contact, and vehicles are used across the organizations your are a member of within MotorsportReg. These things can change with time and it's important to keep it current. Periodically, organization-specific information also needs to be updated. Here's a quick refresher on how and what to update.

Event History

Some of us get complacent about our event history. Organizers love MSR because they can see your registration history from MSR based events. But what about the events you attend that are not in MSR (and tell us who they are so we can convince them to switch)? Update your history in MSR for these events so that organizers can take all of your participation into consideration. This is especially important for drivers schools (HPDEs).

Administrative Access

Event organizers, this one's for you!  We allow MSR "eventmasters" to create and manage their own list of members who have administrative access to their data. But personnel come and go, especially around this time of year with club elections taking place. Here's how to make sure the right people have the right access.

Excel Event Schedule

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