Friday Freebie- The Physics of Racing


May 9, 2014 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

On Tuesday we blogged about how the science of psychology can help convert more customers (participants/ attendees).  Specifically, we mentioned how rigorously-tested research proves just how powerful the simple act of including a link to your registration page can be in your event promotion messages. 

Today let's turn to another area of science- physics. Our friends over at Winding Road Racing want to give one of our lucky readers this cool t-shirt illustrating the physics of racing- understeer, oversteer, horsepower and torque.


To win this awesome t-shirt and become a Physicist yourself, go to our Facebook page and answer this question:

Which do you love more, horsepower or torque?

We'll randomly select a winner from all of the entries and announce it on Monday.  Good luck and have a great weekend!

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