Supercharged Event Cloning


December 6, 2019 by Chris Redrich

More than 6,900 events are created annually on Even our most experienced event organizers, who love how our form builder can be customized to their specific needs, asked us to make it easier to get right on the first try.

We set an ambitious goal to help you set up events faster with fewer opportunities for error. We are excited to start delivering those in time for your 2020 season:

Faster Event Cloning

Last month we released the first update to streamline event cloning by reducing the number of steps required to duplicate a previous event and set it live. Most events are created  through cloning with minor updates to pricing and copy.

While cloning your event, in a single step, you can now:

  • Update package prices and descriptions. Many forms are the same every year except for price adjustments.
  • Change your text and copy for event advertisement, requirements, and waiver sections.
  • Upload a new event image for this new event while you clone.
  • Set the event live in one step!

These improvements mean that many events can be set live without opening the form builder. One early access user recently told us, "It really makes things go quicker. Nice job!"

New Form Builder

For events that require more substantial changes to your form layout, or even creating an entirely new event, stay tuned! In the coming weeks we will be introducing an all-new form builder that helps organizers make those updates faster and with more confidence. 

Have you tried the more powerful event cloning? Let us know what you think in the comments below. ❤️

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