RSS, Atom and iCal support added to REST API


October 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

To ease integration with a variety of third-party software packages, we've introduced new formats for certain resources of our REST API. Calendar and event listings can now be returned in RSS, Atom and iCalendar formats. This will facilitate easy consumption by software such as vBulletin for automatic content population eliminating human intervention to post event listings on your own website. Thanks to Steven Schlossman from BMW CCA National Capital chapter for the kick in the butt to get this done.

Awhile back we also added the ability to get a list of the entries for an event or for a segment of an event. If you want to list your entries on your own site or grab them for some kind of automated processing, you will want to check out the two resources:


Thanks to Mike Malsed at Formula RallyX who asked us for this one.

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