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August 27, 2019 by Brian Ghidinelli

Customers who switch to MotorsportReg always report a bump in registration counts. We knew our tools and promotion played a part in growing participation but we never knew how much - until now.

Using nine months of click data, I analyzed how attendees find and register for your events and learned something surprising: most of our clubs, racetracks and sanctioning bodies are using MotorsportReg for free. 😮

The reason is our event marketplace and supporting promotion. Today, if you want to test drive a car, you head to an auto mall to see many different cars in a single visit. Although building competing dealerships in one location seems like a bad idea for any one dealer, more shoppers find their perfect car and all dealers are more successful. The rising tide lifts all boats (and customers love the convenience). is the largest equivalent marketplace and our promotion has a surprising impact on fees:


Analyzing the data, I found our monthly email generates 3.1% of all registrations on MotorsportReg. In addition, our abandoned registration email - which rescues participants who start to register but stop - contributes another 0.7%. That is a combined average contribution of 3.8% of all registrations on!

When subtracting out the industry-standard 3% + 30c credit card processing fees from our service fee, we are heavily subsidizing or, in many cases, literally paying organizers to use MotorsportReg. That's a feature you cannot get from any other registration system.

Two Ways To Grow

There are two ways to increase participation - more people and more events per person. As our number of organizations and events have grown over the past 5 years, the average number of events per person per year has also increased by 13%.

Just like having more vehicle options leads to more sales, having access to a huge selection of events leads to more participation for event organizers and a healthier bottom line. 


On top of the search engine, organic and social media traffic we generate, our crown jewel is the monthly "Upcoming Nearby Events" email we send to a rapidly growing list of (currently) 124,034 enthusiasts. More than 1,500,000 emails promoting your events will go out over the next 12 months.

The email goes out on the 1st of every month and is directly responsible for 3.1% of all registrations. 

"But wait, there's more…"

Clubs, race tracks and sanctioning bodies of all sizes recognize they have to be on MotorsportReg if they want more people to find their events. It is the place to find and register for motorsport events.

But our calendar and abandoned registration emails are just two techniques we use to fill events on your behalf. We also:

  • Use our Last Minute Track Junkie list to sell $100,000 of unsold track day events and keep organizers from losing money
  • Syndicate your events to third-party websites using our API to display your events in front of a wider audience
  • Prompt your participants to share your events with friends on social media to recruit new members and attendees
  • And not just paying customers - we also have more than 12,000 people each on our Workers Wanted and Instructors Wanted lists to help you staff events when you're short on volunteers

See Your Data

While 3.8% is the overall average, specific disciplines and organizations may see higher or lower performance. Entry-level events such as track days and autocross, in some instances, have more than 5% of their entries coming from our tools! Look for a future dashboard and personalized reporting to break down this data for your organization to see the precise amounts we generate for your events.

What's Next

This research has changed our product roadmap. Working with Hagerty's marketing team and huge reach, we're prioritizing promoting your events to an even wider audience. Recently we sent an introductory email to more than 420,000 Hagerty subscribers to build awareness of your events. Additional email, social and marketing efforts are underway to attract more people, more often, to grow your mailing lists and fill your events.

Our target is to double the impact of our promotion to 6% of all registrations so, in addition to paying you to use MotorsportReg, we'll also cover all of your credit card fees. 

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