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August 16, 2018 by Chris Redrich

It’s been a busy summer here at MotorsportReg as we continue to work towards some big improvements later this year. In fact, did you see the sneak peek of the new on-site check-in prototype we’re testing? We’re pretty excited about it! We’ll be testing this prototype at a few key events throughout this year.

[Will you be in the Atlanta area on Wednesday, Sept 19th? We're hosting a MotorsportReg meetup at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Watch for an email with details!]

Even while we work on bigger projects, we continue to deliver new features and fixes. Here’s a summary of some highlights over the last few months.


Added a new Driver Experience report that is limited to experience and log book entries for a single event type to offer a "deep dive". E.g., for track days, it doesn't include information about social events or autocross and vice versa.

Developer API

There have been a few improvements to the MotorsportReg REST API. You can read all about these new features in the API docs.

  • The assignments/entries endpoint now allows optionally including profile and club questions to reduce the number of requests needed for common operations.
  • The timing and scoring endpoint now includes changes to the vehicle status (which is in early access testing) and custom vehicle questions.


We updated our payment form integration (more secure!) and collect fewer personal details (faster to fill out!). We also disabled the insecure TLS v1 protocol which improves security overall and ensures continued PCI DSS compliance.

Payment forms are now more secure

Form Builder

For organizations with more than 3 member types, we added "all" and "none" links to speed up setting the desired visibility for your registration form.

Select all or none when limiting by member type in form builder.

RaceHero - Live Race Timing & Results 

Sometimes organizers setup test events or practice sessions to make sure everything works properly. We’ve recently added the ability for organizers to delete those test events and runs. When logged in to RaceHero.io as an organizer, there is a new Manage Events menu item.

Other fixes that have been released:

  • Registration preview screen now lists packages in the same order as the Parts Bin (giving you control over how they sort).
  • Deleting member types now properly removes that type from all profiles so adding a new member type will not inherit previous tags.
  • Implemented a cleanup routine for event cloning for rare circumstances that lead to registration errors in the minutes immediately after cloning.
  • When copying an email with text OR html (but not both) over the top of an email with text AND html, it would not clear the empty version which could lead to sending the wrong message. Templates without a text or html message now properly clear any existing copy in the email blaster.
  • The Will Call report failed if no inventory items were selected. It now properly warns.
  • SCCA Weekend Memberships: disabled ineligible foreign addresses from being submitted (and triggering an error) to National.
  • Added “BRD” as a vehicle make option.

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