FAQ: How do I make myself an instructor?


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

Our support inbox frequently receives inquiries from driving school instructors asking how to make our system recognize their status. "It says I am only an attendee but I have been instructing for 5 years!"

Since each club (and indeed, even each chapter within a larger club) has differing qualifications for who can instruct at an event, only the event organizer can mark a member as an instructor.

The short answer is you must contact the event registrar and have them update your account. This is a one-time procedure that recognizes your qualification for the club.

Some organizers have expressed interest in being able to search the database of instructors to find additional volunteers if they are short on staff. We agree this would be a useful resource for organizers in a pinch (and discounted or free track time available for the instructor) and are seeing how we can make this work sensibly.

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