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August 26, 2014 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

You probably already know (because we love talking about it!) that last year over 900,000 people looked at events on our calendar.  This is one of the many benefits of being a MotorsportReg customer.   We are THE marketplace for people looking for motorsport events and just having your event listed with us helps increase your registrations.  On a regular basis our organizers tell us they got a brand new participant because they saw it on

SyndicationOver the last several months we've been working on a little project to get even more eyeballs looking at your events (and hopefully registering).  We have teamed up with a few key syndication partners to help spread the word about your events including regional newspapers, major search engine sites and major (non-motorsport) event sites.

And because not everyone looking at these sites necessarily knows a lot about motorsports events, we've changed the event types to something people can relate to.  For example, autocross becomes "autocross- race your car against the clock legally".

We are already seeing the benefits of these partnerships.  Each night we get a Google alert on the search term  Just last night an autocross in California found on came up in our alert.  And a week ago, an autocross in Hawaii found on was the number one result. 

As we continue to expand these partnerships and traffic from these sites grows, we hope it ultimately results in more participants at your events.

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