Introducing Dwolla- A New Way to Pay Your Event Fees


October 22, 2013 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

We're constantly seeking out innovative new technology to help us deliver the best possible experience to our users.  To that end, we're happy to announce our new integration with Dwolla.  Dwolla represents the next generation of non-credit card payments.  Beginning today, you'll be able to use your Dwolla account as a form of payment on our site along with credit cards and e-checks.


Dwolla is like cash in your pocket, without the cash.  Their goal is to be the best way to move money, period. 

You can use Dwolla to make purchases on as well as pay bills, buy a coffee or pay your rent.  And in keeping with the times, you can send and request money through email, phone, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Today is the launch of Dwolla Credit.  It's a new kind of credit product which allows you to buy the things you want instantly, without needing to have existing funds in your Dwolla account or a plastic card in your hand.  Simply shop, sign-in, and place your order in seconds.

dwolla-on-motorsportreg is one of 40 handpicked merchants in the Dwolla Storefront to team up with Dwolla on this innovative new product. We partnered with Dwolla because we recognize not everyone has or wants to use a credit card online.  To try it out, register for any of the events on our calendar and select "Pay By Dwolla" when you are prompted for payment.

If you don't have a Dwolla account, click below to learn more and get started.

Get started with Dwolla today!




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