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November 12, 2014 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

Last month we spent a week at the SCCA National Runoffs and of course dropped in on our friends in Registration. Two of our favorite Registrars, Ceci Smith from Cal Club and Terry Roberts from NEDiv, mentioned how much they loooooove the revamped onsite check in tool. That's music to our ears!  

After their praise we decided to take a little peek at how much usage the check-in tool is actually getting. Turns out A LOT! And since Brian likes graphs and I like images for my blogs, he put a few together for me based on the last 50,000 check-ins.  


Not too surprising that the highest check-in days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but I would have thought Saturday would be the highest.  And it looks like a lot of you are skipping out on work on Fridays...

On to the next graph!


I really like this one! As expected, the highest volume of check-in times is in the morning.  But there's another big peak between 5 pm and 7 pm.  Perhaps Registrars are going back into MotorsportReg to check people in at the end of the day instead of as they arrive in the morning? And midnight check-ins... those are some dedicated workers!

Speaking of dedicated, these folks below are super dedicated! Out of the last 50,000 check-ins, here are our top 10 all time check-in leaders:

 1. Glenn Conser High Plains Raceway 5,366
 2. Joseph Battista Hawaii Region SCCA SOLO 1,383
 3. Ginny Condry North Carolina Region SCCA 1,238
 4. Diane Eckert 6 Southeast Region SCCA clubs 1,189
 5. Dixie Eckert Atlanta Region & TVR SCCA 959
 6. Wanda Cecil 4 Southeast Region SCCA clubs 949
 7. Jennifer Parker Hawaii Region SCCA SOLO 944
 8. Linda Rogaski San Francisco Region SCCA 934
 9. Sharon West 5 Cen Div Region SCCA clubs 900
10. Kay Imig 4 Cen Div Region SCCA clubs and TRSS 879

 And our top ten single-day check-in leaders:

 1. Christine Rodriguez Cold Stone US Grand Nationals 188
 2. Gina Tierney  NARRC Runoffs 168
 3. Ginny Condrey Goblins Go 158
 4. Trish Biamonte The SARRC/ MARRS Challenge 149
 5. Kim Dixon WDCR Performance Driving eXperience  146
 6. Sherri Masterson NWR US Majors Tour  145
 7. Linda Rogaski  SFR Double Regional  143
 8. R. Gene Hoffman  Summer Heat 2014  138
 9. Kim Imig  SCCA Milwaukee- Circus Cat Majors  133
10.Theresa Dobbs  BFGoodrich Tires Super Tour   133

Nice work people!

Now's my turn to peer-pressure you into using the check-in tool because "everybody's doing it!"  Here's a few other reasons you should try it: 

  • Quickly verify, make changes, or add notes directly to an attendees registration
  • Multiple registrars can work against one list with no manual reconciliation
  • Seamlessly collect payment at the time of check in, plus you can use a cheap $25 credit card swiper to make things even easier  
  • Records a history of the check-in so if an attendee comes back to registration, their information is available regardless if they talk to the same person
  • Records a time stamp and witness of the check-in so you can track who saw the waiver signatures and audit the process

Learn more about how to use the tool and get started with our help documentation

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