SpeedWaiver, Search, and RaceHero Updates


December 27, 2023 by Ryan Cunningham

The MSR team has been making enhancements across the platform as we start to spool up for the 2024 season. Below are a few recent updates around SpeedWaiver, Search and RaceHero. Be sure to keep an eye on the bell icon in the upper righthand corner in MSR in the coming months with more enhancements on the way! 

As web browsers start to implement stricter security and privacy protocols, we know that some attendees were seeing their default location while searching for events on motorsportreg.com be different from their actual location. To fix this, we have made the default search be the attendee’s home address while they are logged in. This will make sure they are searching in the right location and finding the right events!

For those organizers who are utilizing SpeedWaiver, specifically minor waivers, we have made a change to the SpeedWaiver report. Now, when a minor waiver is completed only the primary waiver holder, the minor in this case, will show in the report. While the guardians will still show in the minor waiver itself when downloaded, they will not show as separate line items in the report like they do today, unless they have completed their own separate adult waiver. This will cut down on time spent when trying to find the correct waiver for your attendees. If you are not using SpeedWaiver, but want to utilize an electronic waiver in 2024, you can review the functionality and get started at Speedwaiver.com. 

We also updated our RaceHero Relay to support MYLAPS Orbits 5.9. If you offer live timing and race results using our web, iOS and Android apps, please download the latest relay before your next event.

For some users who were opting out of optional cookies on MSR, it was making the Help link inoperable. We have fixed this, so it is always available for you. We know you are in MSR getting your 2024 seasons ready and we are here to help! If you want quick tips while you are getting up to speed be sure to check out our YouTube channel, full of expert advice and walk-throughs from the team. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

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