SpeedWaiver Enhancements!


May 19, 2023 by Ryan Cunningham

The team at MSR has made some big improvements to SpeedWaiver. In addition to recently adding the event name to the waiver to assist in event day operations at venues with many events going on at once, we have also fixed the issue where the minor waiver option was not present when a direct invite was sent from MSR. We have also made process changes within SpeedWaiver that should alleviate some of the issues and confusion that stem from signing minor waivers and help reduce the amount of second and third attempt SpeedWaivers, saving you money on waivers and time on event day! Going forward, when an attendee navigates to a SpeedWaiver link they will now be presented with the below screen with three options if minor waivers are enabled for your organization.

If the user has navigated to a direct SpeedWaiver link they will be presented with the above screen, they will make the selection and then navigate to the information entry screen that exists today where they will enter their information to then receive a text message invitation to complete the waiver process.

The above screen will also be the first screen a user sees when they receive a text message invitation directly from MSR or the API. If they are signing as an adult, once they make their selection they will navigate to the “Accept” screen of the waiver, this will be the same flow users are familiar with today at this point with no additional information entry needed. If they are signing as a guardian on behalf of a minor or signing as a minor who needs guardian signatures, they will be taken to the below screen with their information pre-populated into the respective field, as we already know their information from the Registration Form or API. In example below, the user has selected to sign as a guardian on behalf of a minor which automatically input their information into the Guardian 1 section. They will now enter in the other parties information needed, which will send the text message invitations to those other parties.

Another change that we have made is to the confirmation page. Now when one of the parties of a minor waiver completes part of the waiver, they will be shown who still needs to complete their part. Previously it showed both names even though one of them may have completed the waiver. This way we can mitigate some of the confusion around the waiver process and be explicit about who needs to complete the waiver.

If you have any questions on the above changes to SpeedWaiver, please reach out to the team!

Topics: Updates, UI, UX

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