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October 23, 2023 by Ryan Cunningham

The Product and Engineering team has been hard at work making improvements across the platform. As we deliver new features we always want to learn from the usage, and iterate on them to make it more valuable to you in your day-to-day use of the platform. One of those recent learnings and subsequent improvements is that now on our list screens (People, Attendees, and Entries) we are no longer persisting the search when you search for a name. This was a recent change implemented with the Saved Views feature and was causing more unnecessary clicks for many organizers, so this fix will save you valuable time. If you have not checked out our Saved Views feature yet, here is the blog post with more information.

In case you missed it in the Product Updates (keep an eye on the bell icon in MSR for upcoming changes!), here are some other product updates from the team in the last month:

  • Text message blaster is now sending scheduled and immediate texts via MSR. This bug was the result of a recent text message blaster release.
  • A bug preventing users from making a first payment on a registration over $1,000 has been resolved.
  • The People, Attendees and Entries screens within MSR all received a boost in speed. In some cases, load times were reduced by 95%! Watch the loading animations race off the screen as quickly as they appear resulting in less waiting and more organizing.
  • The search bar at the top right of MSR now returns 10 results instead of five for you organizers trying to quickly find an attendee in your growing list! 
  • Old references to the public "Attendee List" in organizer settings have been updated to use the current "Entry List" name making it clear they are one and the same.
  • Organizers now have the option to add city, state, and postal code to cross-event reports in MSR. Adding location information to cross-event reports allows organizers to understand where participants live which can aid in event planning and sponsorship development.
  • Users can now de-select all columns on the people, attendee, and entries screens.
  • Updates to the Tire Brands - Nexen, Kenda, PMT, Mitas have all been added

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