How to Create Non Standard Venues


September 25, 2013 by Stacy King

Q: My event doesn't really have a traditional venue. How can accommodate that?

A: By using the custom venue function creatively!

While most events on take place at a specific location (at a track, in the parking lot of a particular business, even an abandoned airport), there are more and more events that don't have a specific location. 

For example, Road Rally. Time-Speed-Distance or even fun rally events present a unique situation in that while there may be a specific starting location, the actual event takes place in and around many different locales. (This also applies to large social events and conventions.) 

The example below shows how to add identifying text to the custom venue so the registration information page is more clear:




Using the start location info for the city and zip code will help potential attendees find your event when they search our calendar based on distance from them. Click here for more information on creating custom venues for your club.

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