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January 8, 2014 by Ann Boss Maycock

Kick off the New Year by streamlining your membership management. If you are already using, why not add membership sign-up and renewal to your online offerings and make it one-stop shopping for your attendees!

Your organization can run a membership event just like you hold registration for a meeting or any other event. It makes it easy for everyone:

  • Attendees can go to a single place to complete their membership and register for events
  • Event Organizers can manage all of the information about their members using a single software tool
  • Membership events will show up on our public calendar as well as your attendee's dashboard
  • If you are on the premium plan, membership events will also be displayed on your private MSR landing page


To help you get started, we have a membership event template and corresponding instructions for setting up the registration form. Here are some components you might consider for a membership event:

  • Options for new members as well as renewals
  • Family or affiliate member options
  • An option to be to be included in member directories
  • An option to receive a club newsletter
  • Name badge orders

Need more reasons to process your membership on MSR?

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