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June 11, 2013 by admin

One of our customers, Torqued Racing Solutions, has been quickly putting together a mobile application to scratch an itch. In owner Shawn Fultz's words:

We were looking for a way to access our event registration information on the go and at the track. We couldn't find anything on the market so we built it!

The application is in beta right now and supports the following features:

  • View registrations for any event

  • View driver and vehicle information

  • View/enter notes for driver or other meetings

  • Check in drivers (Note: at the moment, this is local to the app and not a feature of MSR, but is something we're working on)

  • Download data from so that it will work offline

Check out a quick video:

This is not a Pukka Software or product so we can't take any official credit nor provide support for it. However, we're working with Shawn so that he has the necessary tools from us to build something great using our REST API. We're really excited about his work!

See more at

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