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December 14, 2021 by Tim Wahl

Your event advertisement page plays a critical role in converting interested page visitors to registered attendees. Done correctly, this page should answer the majority of questions a potential participant may have about your event and provide a compelling event description which entices them to proceed to registration. At a minimum, this page should communicate the who, what, where, when, why, and how much of your event. Having seen thousands of these pages, here are a few best practices we'd highly recommend you incorporate into your event advertisement pages for the 2022 season.

Use a compelling event image 

People eat with their eyes first. A great image makes your event stand out on the upcoming events calendar, and helps potential participants visualize themselves having the time of their life at your event. 

Be friendly, introduce your club, and what it is you’re inviting participants to do. 

Where to be and when

Listing the basic schedule for a race event, or a starting point for a driving tour are great ways to set the stage for an exciting day of driving/riding. This also ensures folks are aware of the start times before signing up, which will reduce cancellations due to scheduling conflicts.

Pricing, what’s it going to cost?

One of the most common reasons for incomplete registrations is finding the cost only once you’ve made it to the registration form. Many folks will move on from the advertisement page to another event when costs aren't clearly conveyed, or they'll email our support team asking for this information. Listing this in your advertisement improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of converting interested parties to registered attendees. Here is an example from one of our karting organizers that does a great job communicating participation costs in their advertisement. (*Note, GST = Goods & Service Tax, which is required in some Canadian provinces.)

 Other Best Practices

The event advertisement page is a great place to set expectations for your participants. Is club membership required to participate in your event? Do existing members receive more favorable pricing? Where can I become a member of your club? This is a great way to highlight the benefits of membership within your organization, creating an additional recurring revenue stream for your organization. And MSR can help manage that membership, issue licenses, credentials, etc!  

This is also a great place to describe requirements for past driving experience needed to participate. For example, a track day designed for Intermediate and Advanced drivers only should note minimum requirements for participation within the Intermediate group.

And finally, the advertisement page is an opportunity to convey any  safety equipment needs. What is required? What options can/will be provided or available for rental by the event organizer? Rental helmets are a big hit for those entry-level events, and a nice way to generate some additional revenue for your club. Keep in mind that new participants can be intimidated and overwhelmed when considering participating in an event, so the more detail you can provide the better.

We hope these tips help you and your club create advertisement pages that increase event participation and reduce attendee confusion this year. As always, if you need a hand or another set of eyes on your pages feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance at 

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