Audi Club Membership Verification


October 23, 2013 by Ann Boss Maycock

Audi Club

Audi Club North America has joined the ranks of marque car clubs using automated membership verification with! This feature allows you to automatically verify an attendee’s membership status at the time of registration. And, you can instantly verify an attendee's membership directly from their profile.

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, MSR verifies the member’s data against some key fields from the Audi Club North America's (ACNA) database.  A “match” or “no match” status is returned from ACNA.  If the member information does not match what is on file with ACNA, they receive an error message and instructions on how to correct that error.

If the verification fails, the easiest way to identify the problem is for the member to check their ACNA membership card and see that the information is EXACTLY the same as they’ve entered it into Some common hiccups include the following fields not matching:

  • Name- it must appear EXACTLY as it does on their membership card
  • Member number
  • Postal code

Saves you time!

Automating this process saves you from having to manually verify and track down the correct membership information for your attendees. And gives attendees the tools to update their account information so that you don’t have to be involved. You can point your attendees to these help topics to update their information:

It also aids in supporting and maintaining your organization’s “Not-for-Profit” tax status by allowing you to identify non-members and offer club membership to them during the registration process.

You can find more information and instructions on setting up validation rules to enforce membership in our help docs.

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