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August 14, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

Mercedes-Benz Club of America logoWe are very excited to announce our new relationship with the Mercedes-Benz Club of America. Beginning in 2012, MotorsportReg.com will be the Official Registration Service to the 83 Sections and 30,000 members who support the silver arrows.

As part of our relationship, we are also launching a service that will let MBCA Sections verify memberships in real-time just like SCCA regions enjoy. Online registrations can be blocked or membership fees can be levied against non-members or expired members to assist in compliance with IRS regulations for non-member income for non-profits. This feature is live and available for any MBCA Section today.
Here's an excerpt from the official announcement sent from the Denver, CO headquarters:

New Registration Service for MBCA Meetings & Events

I am pleased to announce the formal business partnership between the MBCA and MotorsportReg.com beginning January 2012. MotorsportReg.com, or MSR, is the leading online registration service for motorsport events. Since 2003, organizations like Tire Rack Street Survival, PCA, BMWCCA, SCCA and hundreds more have managed their events through MSR. MBCA is proud to join their ranks.

Why Would an MBCA Section Use MotorsportReg.com?

Use MotorsportReg.com when you lack the time and/or resources to single-handedly manage and execute an event that requires extensive levels and/or man-hours of coordination. Any MBCA Section in North America can now take advantage of MSR's services to help plan, organize and register participants - from scheduling Section President meetings to organizing defensive driving classes to coordinating multiple-day national events like StarFest and StarTech - MotorsportReg.com helps you manage them all. Their automated online registration service can even confirm whether a registrant is a current, dues-paying Member, so you don¹t have to.

How Much Will This Service Cost?

Pricing varies by service level but generally, a small percentage of your registration fee pays for MSR's services. One of their services, the Calendar Account is free, and allows you to promote your upcoming event to thousands of prospective participants at no cost. If your Section would like to upgrade to another MSR plan that allows for online registration, set up is easy and is usually accomplished in a two-week timeframe.

Is MotorsportReg.com a Reliable Company?

Yes! MotorsportReg.com is the leading online registration service for motorsport events. More than 320 organizations have managed 6,500 events and 350,000 attendees since 2003. Their web-based tools make organizing and attending events easier and more fun. If you have any questions about MotorsportReg.com, you can contact their team directly or by phone at 415.462.5603 x9. National Treasurer Laura Simonds has had several years of positive experience with MSR, as well. [Ed. note: check our uptime!]

Getting Started

MotorsportReg.com is used for events ranging from board meetings to driving schools to multi-day extravaganzas like StarFest. Their online service is a great fit when managing an event on paper or when a spreadsheet program becomes too time-consuming or restricts collaboration. Each Section may choose one of the following MotorsportReg.com plans:

    • Calendar - promote your events, free of charge
    • Standard - take online registration, no payments
    • Enhanced - take online registration and payments
    • Premium - Enhanced plan with extra features

To determine if MotorsportReg.com's web-based event management tools can help your Section, review the feature tour and hear what customers say about it. You can also see the system in action in their narrated training videos.Remember, you don't have to take online registration or payment to benefit! You can promote your events to the automotive enthusiast world using the Calendar account listed below with no fees!

We would like to thank Doug Truitt, Hauss Cartwright and Lisa Juhl from the National office for their hard work and can-do attitude. We'll be delivering the same experience to the Section volunteers helping them be more successful with their future events!

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