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June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

Two-pager returns to one-pager statusThanks to some feedback from the SCCA National Convention and some prompting by Robert Baizer from PCA San Diego, we took another look at our detailed "one-pager" reports. Organizers have been noting that, depending upon their particular event, the report was instead a "two-pager" and it was wasting paper.

The problem lay in how our print style sheet was translated to PDF, the most common output format. It wasn't until we created a document in Word with line of Times New Roman sized 6 to 12 points and printed it that we recognized the 10pt font sizes we specified was more like giant kindergarten 14pt1. It's no surprise that things were spilling over into multiple pages with the extra size and line spacing.

We experimented with actual printed copies and drove the sizes down to match the 9 and 10pt samples we printed from Word2, orange boxes. In addition, we have also reformatted event questions to display in two columns and span the width of the page3, purple boxes. This gives the assignments at the bottom a much better chance of displaying on the same page and should reduce the amount of paper and ink used. It's also easier to scan now that most items reside on single lines without so much wrapping. We'll be pushing this change live tonight so let us know how it looks next time you print!

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