Three reporting updates


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

Just a quick Monday update to cover a few changes over the weekend for reporting. The first is that we added the ability to filter the financial reports to online payments only. This means that you can now duplicate the "You've Got Money" email report delivered every two weeks when we perform direct deposits in the event that you need to go back in time or the email disappears into the great spam box of the sky.

As a result, we've created a new default financial report aptly named "You've Got Money" which groups by pay period and only includes online payments. Each pay period will tie to your direct deposits just like the email report.

Finally, there have been two long-standing oddities when grouping data in reports. Frankly, they're a little embarrassing. The first is that the groups themselves may or may not be in alphabetical order and although that's not a requirement, it should at least be consistent in its behavior. The other is that from time to time, data inside the group may not be in the right sort order. We looked at that code every time a customer brought it up and we kept seeing all trees and no forest. Finally Susan Wright at Road America asked us again last week and one more look triggered the light bulb! All reports should now consistently order the groups alphabetically as well as maintain sort order inside of the group. No changes are necessary for your existing reports; it will just work the next time you run it.

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