Silly Season


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

In most professional sports, people refer to the off-season dealing and trading for athletes as "silly season". It's when rumors fly, contracts are negotiated and deals get made. We have a silly season too.

Four years ago when I started this company, I thought that event registrations would be pretty seasonal. Since we have a lot of east coast customers who can't drive as many months out of the year as we can in California, I expected there to be a pretty significant bell curve in traffic.

I was wrong. There is a drop off in traffic but it's a brief six weeks between early November and mid December. During this period three key things happen:

  • Board meetings for review & planning

  • New schedules finalized

  • Jan-Feb-Mar events open for registration

Once new events are listed, announcements are sent and traffic spikes again. That's what makes this our silly season - from now until mid-December is our opportunity to contact, market and sell to organizations. The next two board meetings are when improvements for 2007 could be suggested, reviewed, voted upon and adopted. Although some clubs will switch mid-season, this is clearly the sweet spot when volunteer workloads are lightest.

I hope you'll understand then, when I say we need to cut this note short and get to work!

p.s. - we rolled out a new release with some killer features yesterday that we'll announce shortly but suffice to say, the best keeps on getting better!

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