September and October updates


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

We have some new features and updates we want to share that will benefit a few different types of customers. Lots of little tweaks ahead of our bigger end-of-year updates that will be coming.

Social Media

Be Liked on FacebookAdded direct Facebook "Like This" button to event listings and dashboard. When someone clicks the button, a note about the event is added to their stream which may be displayed to their friends and aid in event promotion. In the example to the right, my name and the names of any of my friends who have also liked the event will be displayed while people not in my Facebook network will be listed as "and X others". This is customized based upon the viewer by Facebook directly. If the viewer is not logged in to Facebook, it will simply state the number of people who have liked the event.

Surveys & Elections

  • Voter report - Election result pages now list who voted along with member number; the actual vote is still kept secret. If alternative forms of votes are accepted such as paper ballots, this enhancement allows organizations to self-audit individuals are only voting once.

  • Proper multi-pick tallies - If you have questions which accept multiple answers, you may have seen results in your bar charts like "Answer1,Answer2" alongside "Answer1" and "Answer2". We now properly tally them individually. URL shortenerWe saw the first use of the new URL shortener in the wild for Asphalt Ventures "Tryptophan Recovery Plan" event at VIR after Thanksgiving. The shortened URL doubles as a hashtag for your social media and email campaigns where long URLs may wrap or take up otherwise valuable space. This feature is part of our Premium plan and is a springboard for future social media promotion tools and hooks we plan to release. If your eyes didn't gloss over at yet another mention of social media, consider reading our recent post on Your Car Club Facebook Strategy.


Redeemed credits report
  • Redeemed credits report - gives treasurers a list of all redeemed credits, amounts and dates. Complements our outstanding credits report for a complete picture of financial liabilities.

  • Unique ID - Added new auto-generated unique ID to member profiles which is now available in all reports. Use this ID for barcodes (such as for Autocross timing and scoring) or integration with third party systems where you need a consistent unique identifier. The value will be the same for each attendee regardless of which organization they are participating with so you can count on it being unique across

  • SCCA Tech form prints on one page - Our production servers were scaling the full-page official SCCA tech form leading to blank pages between each form and wasting paper. That's not very Californian of us! Tech details available here for the morbidly curious.

  • Numeric precision increased - Numeric answers to custom or club questions now display up to 10 digits instead of 6 and padding has been eliminated.


Venue Maps
  • Venue Maps - added regional maps to event listings and dashboards to help visually orientate event locations. If the user is logged in, clicking the map will give them driving directions from their address (on file) to the venue.

  • Generate usernames for organizer-created accounts - when organizers create a profile for an attendee who registers by mail, phone or on site, we do not automatically create a username and password. This led to confusion when the participant tried to register and found their email address already in the system but that they don't have a username. We now automatically generate default login credentials as part of the password recovery process for these profiles.

Form Builder & Registration Form

  • Error handling - Improved error handling and alerts if an item cannot be reordered or deleted

  • Number pool performance - Improved performance of number pools on registration form for attendees, renders faster now


Provided complete PHP example with caching for listing a calendar of events.

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