Requiring payment reduces cancellations


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

StatisticsA quick update from our secret number-crunching laboratory:

Events that don't require payment at time of registration have 50% more cancellations than those that do.

Yikes - cancellations are the bane of every registrar and club! Often they come at the last minute. And if you're left without any financial collateral, you could be the one holding the bag. With skin in the game, attendees who register and pay for events are much more likely to fulfill their obligations.

With our new deferred payment processing feature, there's no reason not to collect payment details at time of registration. The card won't be charged until you, as the organizer, say the registration is final and should be fulfilled. That can be immediately after you preview the order or much later like after the event takes place (SCCA regions take note how this jives with your "don't turn a wheel..." policy).

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