Registration and in-line vehicle editing arrive


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

We've added a couple of big features in the past two weeks, one primarily for organizers and the other primarily for attendees.

Post-registration editing

Enable post-registration editing under 'Basic Settings'The ability to come back and edit your registration after the fact is now available! It is disabled by default, so you must enable it on a per-event basis. This lets events whose registrars are OK with post-registration modifications like car classes, numbers or second entries allow them, while registrars who want to keep their events locked like car control clinics or driver schools continue to do so. You can turn it on under the Basic Settings for your event. Any registration after about 6/1 will be instantly editable.

editlinkBe aware there are some limitations - significant changes by the registrar may cause parts of the registration to become locked to the attendee. This is because of the way that organizers have "advanced" editing capability while attendees must use the form. We're hoping to solve this in a future release as well. Generally speaking, most of the changes that registrars are likely to make can now be made directly by the attendee so these situations should be few and far between.

We have a few SCCA regions who have turned this on and we're already seeing less email inquiries which means fewer things for the registrars to do!

Add or edit a vehicle on the registration form

Edit a vehicle from the registration formHistorically, adding or editing a vehicle from the registration form took you out of the registration workflow and into "My Account". We've made this more dynamic so you can add or edit a vehicle directly from the registration form without losing any selections. Since we can add one from the registration form, we simultaneously removed the vehicle form from the new user sign up process. Now it's one fewer step to open an account on MSR and for users that don't require a vehicle, like social events or co-drivers, it's one less screen to skip.

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