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June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

attendee_race2Our racing customers have been vocal about a more competitive-oriented entry list for their events. While most events are suited just fine to an alphabetical list with sorting enabled, racers have more sophisticated needs. They want to know how many people are coming and how many people are in their class. Is it going to be a tough weekend? Is their top competition signed up? Ok, lock and load, they'll be there too.

attendee_race1Tonight we rolled out an update that includes customized entry lists for any event flagged as Club Racing or Autocross. Club Racing events include a total by group at the top (if Group is checked in your attendee list settings) and then break down the entries by class with sub-totals. Check out this SCCA Cal Club example.

attendee_soloAutocross events get a similar treatment except for special handling for events that use our built-in PAX class support. These events will see PAX classes listed first, followed by a per-class break down with sub-totals. SCCA South Carolina's Solo program has a good example which includes PAX classes.

attendee_basicAll other event types will continue to display the same entry list which is by default sorted by name. Once more than 10 entries are displayed, we enable clickable headers which will sort the table in any direction desired like in this PCA Northern New Jersey driving school.

Clubs control these lists and it's possible for it to be entirely disabled. Each list is cached for 15 minutes at a time for performance reasons so it may take a moment before new registrations show up. We love giving people what they want - now get back to racing!

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