Private Labeling Arrives


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

Landing Page Examples - customizable with organization logo and eventsA key part of our 3.2 release cycle is the introduction of private labeling to This has been frequently requested and we're excited to bring it to fruition in three flavors:

  1. Landing Pages - we'll be making available customizable landing pages that can include club logos and colors and will only display their events instead of the full calendar. We have some other exciting ideas for this in the future.

  2. Privatized Sites - for large organizations wishing to roll out MSR nationally for their chapters, we can deliver a customized site using their domain name like This version can look and feel more like their own site but still uses the same national MSR system.

  3. Private Instances - for clubs that wish to carefully control the relationship with their attendees, we can now host a fully private instance of the MSR application that does not share any data with our national system and hides the MSR branding. The service can be highly customized to the needs of these groups.

Here are a couple of examples of #1: and htttp://

These three options give us the flexibility to match the needs of different clubs. We've got a big announcement for our first customer to use #2... as soon as that contract is signed!

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