Kart Makes and Hotel Updates


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

Kart manufacturers added into vehicle listA few changes that we want to mention as we head into the quiet winter. The first is that we've added fourteen common kart chassis manufacturers to the vehicle dropdown list to help make it easier to add karts to your garage. While any driver can always use the "Other..." option to enter anything they want, seeing their brand listed provides a warm fuzzy that no blank text field can match. We curate this list to keep it reasonable in length but please let us know if we're missing any major brands. Karting, both indoor and outdoor, is become a major event category for us. We just recently helped Performance Racing Industry manage the Red Bull Kart Fight event that featured top karters and international race stars!

Updated hotel lists includes thumbnails, ratings and pricesAlso released last month was an update to our hotel program. We have been trialing a different layout for events held at Thunderhill Raceway in Northern California and have rolled out those changes to all venues. The sidebar now lists potential hotels with a thumbnail, quality rating and estimated price for the dates of the event being viewed.

Occasionally we received reports of hotels coming up that were nowhere near the venue. In one instance, a poor HPDE participant booked a hotel an hour away because our partner did not have any inventory near the track! As a result, we switched to a geolocation API that allows us to make sure the hotel is within a close radius of the venue or otherwise does not return any listings.

This work was primarily done by a new member on our team, say hi to Josh!

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