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June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

We use Pingdom as our primary uptime monitoring tool. Although we use two other systems to ensure that Pingdom is correct, it has the best reports and most accuracy. We receive notifications if our servers go offline for even a minute so we can jump in the batmobile and spring into action. Thankfully, most of the time we just sit around, sipping pina coladas with little paper umbrellas. Unfortunately, some of our competitors are not quite so lucky; here's the report for July 2011:

July 2011 website uptime comparison between MotorsportReg.com and two competitors

Everyone will experience downtime at some point, but the question is whether this is a chronic problem and fundamental shortcoming or if it is an extraordinary, unusual event?

Here's a report going back to April of 2007 (4.25 years) on the three sites listed above in the same order:

SiteOutagesUptime %
Site #116399.56%
Site #39999.74%

Knocking on wood over here, we are very proud of this record. It's the result of our investment in infrastructure, people and services. Although this uptime isn't recognized like a new feature or updated design, it is every bit as important and we want to say thanks to the people who keep us running shiny side up.

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