July Improvements


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

It's been a busy month since our last entry here. We've been diligently interviewing and checking the references of our top candidates for our engineer position and working to bring our first Dojo-powered widget to fruition in the form of our Student-Instructor assignment tool.

In the past, our assignment tool simply listed all of the students with a select box of instructors. This was easy to use but also easy to screw up; too many or too few students for each instructor or double-booking an instructor for a given run group. It also forced quite a bit of HTML down the pipe causing slow page loads for folks without broadband.

Click for larger versionEnter our new and improved editor! Instructors and students are now organized in a grid with a dynamic list of students showing how many assignments each student has. The list of instructors is only downloaded once making this new version about 75% faster. It's impossible to double-book an instructor in a run group and easy to make sure each student has what they need. Changes are saved right in-line without any page refreshes making the tool faster and easier to use.

We'll be continuing to add more desktop-like enhancements to our tools leveraging our professional user experience backgrounds. The email blaster and packages / inventory editor are both slated for similar updates and additional functionality soon.

Let us know what you think!

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