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June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

We have a lot of customers who work together in a geographic area, especially among our SCCA Club Racing customers. SCCA Central Division, comprised of Chicago, Blackhawk Valley, Milwaukee and Land o' Lakes regions, has a common set of Divisional racing numbers they would like to reserve regardless of which region is hosting an event. This scenario is played out across the country with neighboring clubs who share participants.

In, each organization has their own sandbox with private numbers for their events which requires significant cooperation and management to enforce across different organizations. And if you have never witnessed a driver who finds someone else has taken their number erupt, it looks something like this:

Still Two #XX entered in SM. It's my permanent number!!! For the South East!!!!

That's a lot of exclamation points. As a driver and racer myself, I know many of my fellow competitors are just one step from the edge trying to balance their families, jobs and racing. Far be it from us to give them the proverbial push over the edge!

Public number poolsNo, because as of today we have launched our public number pools which allow any organization to flag their numbers as public and for any other organization to subscribe to them. The subscription is read-only so the owning organization controls who receives a number. Our popular Use-N-Reserve feature is only functional for events held by the owner of the number pool.

Select an available number Subscribing clubs choose the number pool like for any other event as part of a segment and behind the scenes we check to see if the participant has a number (including in a specific class or group) and enforce the uniqueness required by the organizer. If not, they'll pick from a list of available numbers like any other number pool.

Check out our Number Manager documentation for details.

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