Cloning Perfected


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

I'm sure this is a headline we'll all see some time in the near future, but today it means event cloning. One of's most-loved features is the ability to change a couple of dates and names and then clone a previously successful event without having to do all of the setup from scratch.

The idea is to prevent a user from starting with a blank slate. Blank slates take a lot of energy to figure out and a lot of inertia to reach step two. Fewer choices (just asking for what's different) makes it easier to use.

When organizers set up fees & inventory, they have the option of making an inventory item create a "shortcut" assignment when purchased. The clone tool however was not able to carry these shortcuts from event to event which led to confusion: "where did my assignments go?!"

As of 3.1.40, events are cloned in the perfect image of those that came before them. Now if I could clone just a little bit of Michael Schumacher...

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