Bits & Pieces ChangeLog - Early July


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

While we announced our big update of post-registration editing and in-line vehicle updates recently, we also pushed out a smattering of other notable updates as well. We'll try to keep it short and sweet:

formbuildershotJune 1st-15th

  • Updated our corporate site with new screenshots, updated copy and added new pages to better describe what we do.

  • Since attendees can now add a vehicle right from the order form, we removed the "Add Vehicle" step from the new user registration to make initial sign up a bit faster and more appropriate for events not requiring vehicles like social events or fun runs.

  • Added a little AJAX to smooth out new user registration checks for existing email and username for a better user experience. Users will now see a green check or a red "X" and message if their selection is already in use.

  • Large organizations using deferred payment processing were sometimes seeing timeouts when our payment processor was slow. We've extended the timeout and added some smarts so it will pause rather than crash and burn..

  • Fixed a bug when trying to update notify-on-payment email addresses that would leave the address unchanged.

  • Removed the pagination from the Permanent Number listing to now show everyone in a single screen. This can also function as an ad-hoc report since we don't yet have a standalone report for a number pool.

  • Ran two surveys to hear how we can do better - one for attendees and another for organizers.

cdnpopsJune 16th-June 30th

  • Optimized our static assets (style sheets, javascript and images) following YSlow recommendations. Combined core Javascript and CSS files into single, compressed files. Moved everything over to Amazon's S3 service using a new hostname which parallelizes downloads to the browser and speeds up page loads. We've also improved the caching headers we send back to help your browser only fetch these items once for the next year.

  • We receive a lot of inquiries about the password reset process, particularly from AOL users. We spent a day rewording the process and updating the email and it's resulted in a significant drop in email and telephone inquiries.

  • Based on customer requests, we're helping organize an open source timing and scoring software project for Solo/Autocross. The working name is SoloTimer. If interested, drop in on the discussion list.

short_phoneJuly 1st-7th

  • We have a new phone system in the office with Polycom SoundPoint IP450s. We've been using VOIP since the company was founded but this upgrade, along with a new PBX, will let us better handle customer calls and direct people to the right resource quickly. Same number as always - 415.462.5603.

  • Resolved bug where editing a registration after the fact would not properly check branches with selected children or true/false questions with an answer.

  • On post-registration editing, don't forget you must enable it! Remember if you clone previous events, it will be disabled by default.

  • Updated site to address recent security vulnerability discovered July 2nd in FCKEditor, the WYSIWYG text editor we use on MSR.

  • We're (finally) planning a major online knowledge base and help center and we've got the foundation in place. We'll start writing content and recording screen casts shortly.

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