97% disappointed without MotorsportReg.com


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

We ran a customer survey in June of this year and I have spent a few minutes looking over the results again this morning. There is one particular response that I am especially proud of:

Organizers would feel sad without us

96.8% of our customers, whether on our free or paid plans, would be disappointed if they couldn't use MotorsportReg.com. This means we're delivering on our promise to make volunteers even more awesome at their jobs by making it easier and more fun to organize and attend events.

We don't take this as carte blanche to put down the keyboard and ride off into the sunset though. In fact, since June we've rolled out a bevy of big-iron features like post-event registration editing, membership validation and surveys/elections. But we do take this as a compliment. And for that, we just want to say, we love you too. :)

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