3.2.0 Is Live + Roadmap


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

After 42 revisions, 3.1 has come and gone, the last update brings better presentation to the 2% of our users who are still accessing MSR with IE5 on a Mac. Now we get to move on to some fun new things that organizers have been asking for and start to accent the application with AJAX improvements.

For 3.2, we're going to focus on refactoring a couple of core pieces that could be improved upon and adding a handful of new features. We'll also be sprinkling some AJAX features in where it makes sense. The highlights include:

  • Fees & Inventory Editor - make it easier to see the relationships between packages, inventory and assignments and add the ability to make batch changes. AJAX will support cloning and saving without refreshing the screen.
  • Instructor-Student Assignments - it is easy to over or under-subscribe an instructor due to the lack of tracking in the application. Real-time totals and a new grid presentation will make allocating instructors to students a much easier task. AJAX will be used to fetch detailed information on request about a student to help make the assignment.
  • The concept of a session timeout will be removed via a small AJAX ping. As long as the browser is open on MSR, the user will stay logged in (at least for organizers).
  • Integration of Google or Yahoo! maps into event detail pages
  • Update the WYSIWYG text editor to the latest revision which uses a new "sprite" technique to radically improve toolbar loading time over competitive products. This feature and its implementation was actually suggested by us.
  • Email blaster redesign will expose more of the backend data we collect and manage about email campaigns as well as make it easier to send "quick" email in the system to members.

These are a few of the 23 open tickets that are slated for this next iteration which may last for the next 30-60 days. Feedback encouraged if you've got a particular wish!

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