How to promote your events in forums


November 1, 2016 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

We all know that good promotion is one of the keys to running successful events. And just having your events listed on the MotorsportReg calendar is a great place to start. But that's not enough if you want to break even, make money, or sell out your event.
We've previously blogged about how much time motorsport enthusiasts (and your potential attendees) are spending in forums. It's A LOT! And that's why it's a great place to promote your events. It's a pretty simple process and doesn't take any special skills- just your time. Follow our 5 easy steps below and be on your way to finding some new attendees.
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20 Amazing Helmet Painters


January 31, 2018 by Brian Ghidinelli & Dan Broughan

Top Helmet Painters

To many people, a helmet is just the thing that protects your head. But there is a cottage industry of artisans that use helmets as the raw material to create works of fine art that just-so-happen to double as safety equipment.

Custom painted helmets can take upwards of 40 hours for disassembly, design, paint and reassembly before seeing action on track. They are incredible labors of love created by craftsmen around the globe. In this second edition of our global list, we've highlighted twenty of the best and their most stunning designs ranging from amateur karting through Formula 1.

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The Cost of Renting Race Tracks Around the World


April 28, 2017 by Brian Ghidinelli


What goes into the cost of organizing an HPDE, track day or race event on a road course? Many things, of course, but the largest fee is the track surface itself. It requires many experts to prepare, lay and maintain the specially formulated asphalt that resists high lateral G forces and somebody has to pay for it. That person is the event organizer, and by proxy, their participants. Today we're going to peek behind the curtain at the cost of road course rentals around the world.

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Feature Updates - March 2016


March 16, 2016 by Brian Ghidinelli

I promised last year to update you more regularly on the changes we're making to MotorsportReg. We typically deploy updates 3-6 times per week and as we've grown the team over the past year, the rate of those changes has increased so let's catch up!

While we focus on the frequently requested and bigger changes, there are a slew of updates in the Quick Hits section. Make sure to skim for gold nuggets!

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All things design


March 2, 2016 by Dan Broughan


Hello and welcome to the very first post in our new design series! We plan on posting periodic articles where you’ll hopefully get a better understanding of how and why we do the things we do regarding the look and feel of MotorsportReg. 

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Offering a Text/Phone Hotline on Your Terms


February 18, 2016 by Brian Ghidinelli


Remember when clubs used to publicize telephone hotlines as a way of keeping members informed? Dial it up and get a voice recording of the latest news. Wondering if that event was still on due to weather? Call up the hotline and hear a short recording left by the event registrar before heading out. Web and email all but replaced hotlines, but let's not throw away the phone just yet. There's a way you can have your hotline without giving up your privacy or sanity.

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MotorsportReg features you should be using


February 3, 2016 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

As I was prepping our 6 tips to kickstart your season blog a few weeks back I asked our customer success heroes Ann and Katie for a list of the best new (or old) MotorsportReg features that organizers weren't using but should. Since they see tons of events from tons of different kinds of organizations, it didn't take long to come up with the list. So here it is- the features you should be using to take your event registration form to the next level.    

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Best time to post on social media


January 20, 2016 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

In our last blog we gave you 6 tips to kick start your season and one of them was to plan out your event promotion ahead of time (our free promotion calendar makes this super easy). Last week I took my own advice and scheduled our weekly Facebook posts for the next 4 months.

We're not hugely active on Facebook (we've found it's not the best channel for us, read about changes to their algorithms here) but at a minimum we post a race quote each week and I was wondering if there was any new research out there on the best time to post on social media. So I did a little googling and low and behold came across a very recent infographic on the Ultimate Best Times to Post on Social Media. I changed my posting times based on this info and found an immediate increase in the number of views we were getting. And the first thing I thought was "we've gotta share this with our organizers!"

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6 Tips to Kick Start Your Season


January 2, 2016 by Jennifer Ghidinelli

Happy New Year everyone!

We're hoping 2016 is your best season yet so we're giving you a few tips to prepare your organization for takeoff!rocket_launch.jpg

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Job Opening for a Customer Success Hero


December 19, 2015 by Brian Ghidinelli

Twenty-fifteen was huge for us - more organizations and more registrations than ever before. We have big plans for the future of MotorsportReg and need to do some hiring in order to execute on that vision.

We're looking for a customer success hero to provide front-line support for our event organizers and attendees. This is a full-time, fully-remote opportunity to work hand-in-hand with fun and passionate enthusiasts across North America and beyond.

Click for Job Details

We would love to hire from within our community so please share this with talented people you know! Full details and application are on our job description page.

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