Meeting The SCCA In San Antonio


June 11, 2013 by Mark

SCCA Convention Logo 2008As many of you know, we've got some pretty amazing new features coming soon that will really benefit competitive organizations who use Things like Deferred Payment Processing (to prevent refunds), Order Form Dependencies (to account for required compliance fees, etc), and a Permanent Number Manager will bring a new level of efficiency to competitive event administration.

With these features solidly under development, we here at Pukka Software headed out to the SCCA National Conference in San Antonio Texas in early February to demonstrate to SCCA Region administrators from across the country. The response from these hard-working volunteers was fantastic and we truly enjoyed getting to know SCCA people from other parts of USA. Our SCCA customers here on the West Coast, San Francisco Region and Oregon Region, had nice things to say about us in their Inter-Region Cooperation session and we very much appreciate their support and encouragement.

One thing that struck both Brian and me was the incredible dedication to the club that SCCA members and volunteers exhibit. The sense of community was overwhelming and it was a particular privilege to be in attendance at the awards ceremony on the last night at which a variety of volunteers were honored. Several SCCA luminuaries including Kjell Qvalle were inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame and Kjell was kind enough to share some memories of his many decades in motorsports. A truly amazing experience all the way around. We would particularly like to thank the SCCA Events team headed by Melissa Flesher for taking such good care of all the vendors - you guys made us feel very welcome. Brian and I are both proud to be SCCA members and we look forward to serving the club for many years.

Speaking of serving, we are happy to welcome a few new SCCA regions to SCCA South Bend Region has come aboard, as have Central Kentucky Region, Kansas City Region, Mississippi Region, and Southern Indiana Region.

Outside of the Sports Car Club of America, the Badger Chapter of the Audi Club of North America has begun using, as have Adare Motorsports and Cascade Sports Car Club up in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks to everyone for their support. We look forward to serving you through 2008 and beyond!

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