Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Getting Started






What are your fees?
We have two plans, Standard and Premium. The Standard plan has some limitations and is free to use. The service charge for the Premium plan is 2.5% which includes access to all of our premium features, access to our last minute track deals, instructors and workers wanted email marketing lists and the option to accept online payments. PCI DSS and tax compliance are also included.

If you accept online payments under the Premium plan, there is an industry-standard 3% + $0.30 credit card processing fee per transaction with a $1 minimum. While we cannot limit the credit card processing fees (oh, how we wish the banks would do this!), we do cap the MotorsportReg service fee for the portion of transactions greater than $1,000 so you will only be charged the 3% + $0.30 above $1,000. Our 2.5% service charge will only be charged on the first $1,000.


What is the difference between the Standard and Premium plans?
Standard plan events cannot accept online payments and has various other limitations. The Premium plan offers many additional features like membership verification, deferred payment processing, at-the-track check-in, co-driver and team capabilities, surveys & elections, and more! See a complete comparison of plans.


What forms of payment can a participant use?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Do I need to have our my merchant account?
No. As part of our marketplace, we take care of everything which means no monthly gateway, PCI DSS or IRS fees.  We take care of interfacing with the banks and responding to chargeback complaints saving you time (and agony).


When do I get paid?
You choose! We have 3 options- daily, weekly or monthly. Pick the one that works best for you and the funds will be directly deposited into your account based on your schedule.


Getting Started


Can I see how your software works?
Of course! For an overview, you can take a whirlwind tour by viewing our demo on demand. Or you can request a free live demo tailored to your organization and events.


When is a good time to switch to using your system?
As soon as you want to start saving time! Many organizations start at the beginning or end of the season, but we migrate organizations mid-season and between events without any issues.


What do you need from me to get started?
You can get started by completing the sign-up form. When we receive your submission, we’ll follow up with a brief call to touch base and answer any outstanding questions you have. As part of the sign-up process, you'll complete a short online questionnaire to capture the key details of your first event. Once you send us the details, we'll set up your first event for you.

The first time you log into the system you'll be asked to agree to our terms and conditions and enter your banking details if you're taking online payments.


How long does it take to get set up and open for registration?
To ensure you’re successful from the start, we set up your first event for you.  Our standard turn-around time is a few days from the time we receive all of your information. When we are done, we turn it over to you with suggested next steps backed up by our fanatical customer support.


Can I get started even if I don’t have a bank account yet?
Yes. We can start the process but you will not be able to open registration without a bank account on file.


How long does the terms and conditions last?
The service agreement can be terminated at any time.  There are no per-event, monthly or cancellation fees.




Can I use MSR for club racing and autocross events? How about other disciplines like karting or motorcyles?
Yes. We generally set up a main account for the organization with sub accounts for each discipline such as Club Racing and Autocross. Each account can designate a unique bank account or use the same account.  And we can support all kinds of vehicular events including karting and motorcycles.


Can I use MSR for registration for social events?
Absolutely! is not just for driving events. You can also use our service for everything from your annual banquet to large multi-day social events.


Can I process annual memberships, licenses or credentials?
Yes. We have a complete member, license and credential database function that includes the ability to process, track and verify your membership, license and credential records. We can also flag specific member types, like instructors or volunteers, and print hard cards.


Can MSR manage rentals of garage spaces and other facilities?
Yes. We have a number of organizations and race tracks that do this.


Can I sell merchandise through your system, like t-shirts?
Yes. You can sell and keep a count of any type of merchandise (hats, t-shirts, tires, transponders, food, etc.).


Can I import my existing member database?
We can perform a custom import for a fee. However, because we work with so many motorsport organizations, it's common for many of your participants to already have an account with us. Depending on the age and accuracy of your list, our data tends to be cleaner and more accurate. We've found the most successful on-boarding experience invites your participants to create an MSR account if they don't already have one when you announce your transition but if you have concerns don't hesitate to contact us for details.




Do you provide ongoing support?
Definitely! We provide full-time support to both you and your customers via phone and email Monday through Friday. Most responses are in 2 to 4 hours, but allow up to 48 hours. We also monitor support requests on evenings and weekends for urgent issues.


Can I email participants using your service?
Yes. There are multiple ways to filter your emails (to everyone, by member status, registration status, currently registered, not registered; by member type, etc.). This completely replaces using Outlook or other desktop email clients and improves email deliverability. It also makes your ISP happy that you aren't blasting from your home or office!


What reports do you provide?
We have over 50 standard reports which you can modify to meet your specific needs. You also have the ability to create custom reports. We have reports for registrars, stewards, timing & scoring, treasurers, medical crew, instructors and many more!


What motorsport-specific tools do you provide?
MSR was built from the ground up for motorsports.  We have tools that automate your class and run group assignments, manage vehicle numbers, assign instructors, manage teams and maintain entry lists among others. Click here for a complete overview.


How do you promote my events?
While MSR will not fill your event on its own, it acts like a turbocharger for your marketing efforts.  Most event organizers report a bump in attendance thanks to the following:

  • Our National Calendar is seen by over 1,000,000 people annually.
  • Our Calendar is syndicated to a variety of motorsport and non-motorsport event calendars including hundreds of other sites like regional newspaper event calendars, bing and msn.
  • Our Monthly Upcoming Events email list is seen by tens of thousands of people.
  • Premium plan customers can use our Last Minute Track Junkies List to help fill struggling events.
  • Premium plan events also get our Abandoned Registration outreach which emails people who start the registration process but abort (kids walk in, dog jumps on their lap, they need to ask a friend, etc...) 


Can I limit administrative access?
Yes.  Within your account, you can limit access by two roles (basic and admin) and function (read, write, delete).




What are the technical requirements?

There is no need to download, install or maintain anything specific to our software. The only thing you need to do is to keep your web browser up-to-date.


What other organizations use your services for events that are similar to mine?
Our customers run a variety of events including driving schools, track days, autocross/autoslalom, rallycross, club racing, motorcycle, time trials, karting, concours, rally, social events like tours and banquets, membership and gift certificate “events”. Let us know what kind of event you’re running and we can provide you with a list of examples.


Do you do anything with my data?
No. The terms and conditions clearly notes that we never trade, sell or give away your data. We reserve the right to anonymously aggregate it for statistical purposes but we may not reveal any personally identifiable information.


Where can I direct additional questions about your service?
Call us at 415-462-5603 x 9 or email – we’re happy to answer your questions!

What is the difference between the Standard and Premium plans?
The biggest difference is that Standard plan events cannot accept online payments. The Premium plan also offers many other features like membership verification, deferred payment processing, at-the-track check-in, co-driver and team capabilities, surveys & elections, and more!. See for a complete comparison.
What forms of payment can a participant use?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Dwolla and e-checks.